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SHINE Summit 2023


Revisiting the Productivity Dilemma:

The Humanity of Work and

What It Means for Sustainable Business

Harvard University | Cambridge, MA

October 2-4, 2023


The SHINE Summit is the leading forum for visionary thinking, innovative research and practical solutions that advance corporate sustainability and public health.  Join us on campus in Cambridge for the most important interdisciplinary conversations on the role of business in advancing human well-being, featuring renowned scientists and pioneering leaders of industry.

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Our relationship to work and our idea of the workplace has been upended, putting the usual metrics for productivity and performance into question. Traditional metrics revolve around business needs, often ignoring the needs of people. However, focus is now shifting to consider the people who perform the work and what they need to flourish.

So, how do we look beyond the old productivity measures and short-term timelines to create more humane and sustainable business measurement tools? With remote, in-person, and hybrid work arrangements and dynamic flex schedules, how do we define an engaged and productive workforce? How can we identify the drivers of productivity - and what might we be missing? What do we need to do to design, plan and measure work around new understandings of universal human needs?

SHINE Summit 2023 will address how the meaning and metrics of work have been forever changed, and how this provides an opportunity to rethink the humanity of work and the measurement of business success. Together, we will chart a course forward, developing new ways to think about performance, productivity and the human side of corporate sustainability.


Learn from Renowned Scholars
Hear from visionary scientists and thought leaders.

Network with Innovators
Connect with fellow sustainability and well-being leaders.

Gain Insights & Practical Tools
Build your knowledge and take concrete solutions back to your organization.



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SHINE is a Harvard Chan School of Public Health research initiative that aims to advance global well-being by putting people at the center of business strategy and organizational culture.  Our research centers around the meaning and impact of work in our lives and the power of organizations to generate positive benefits for society.  We conduct applied research throughout the global value chain, with a focus on identifying ways to help people, especially vulnerable populations, flourish in work and in life.

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