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In light of the pandemic and following Harvard University guidelines on large gatherings, the SHINE Summit is postponed until 2021.  An update and new dates will be announced in late Fall 2020.  

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SHINE Summit

Building Humane Organizations: 

Pathways for Business and Society to Flourish



Join visionary scientists, thought leaders and innovators who are pioneering the frontiers of sustainable business.

The SHINE Summit is the leading forum for visionary thinking, innovative research and practical solutions that advance corporate sustainability and well-being.  An intimate gathering, the Summit brings together leaders of industry, scientists and innovators for transformative thinking, authentic connection and creative collaboration.

At this year’s Summit, we’ll focus on exploring pathways for corporations to pursue a new vision for the world—one in which business serves as a catalyst for a sustainable and prosperous future for all—starting with a humane organization.  This SHINE Summit will challenge our collective thinking about what it means to be a humane organization, one that fosters an environment for people to fully flourish in work and in life.  Together we will envision how to build a world in which human dignity and equity, self-determination and efficacy, meaning and purpose, job performance and satisfaction, and overall well-being are drivers for humanity to thrive.


Learn from Big Thinkers
Hear from visionary scientists, thought leaders and industry luminaries.

Network with Innovators
Connect with fellow sustainability and well-being leaders.

Gain Insights & Practical Tools
Build your knowledge and take concrete solutions back to your organization.



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SHINE is a Harvard Chan School of Public Health research initiative that aims to advance global well-being by putting people at the center of business strategy and organizational culture.  Our research centers around the meaning and impact of work in our lives and the power of organizations to generate positive benefits for society.  We conduct applied research throughout the global value chain, with a focus on identifying ways to help people, especially vulnerable populations, flourish in work and in life (and the connections between the two).

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